Boldly original – both stylistically and conceptually. Shapes are reflected against each other setting up a yin/yang experience. SAMU stands for "work practice" in Zen Buddhism.

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On June 3 at 12:00, Guatemala was rocked by a devastating volcano eruption that affected directly or indirectly over 1.7 million people. Many died and even more were left homeless. This series was created out of the ash.

Kurtis Brand Today

"We have the tendency to always seek flowers instead of being content with the moment. It’s the nature of delusion, desire and opinions that hold us back from truly understanding ourselves."

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"My work is often a quiet chaos. Most of the time it starts with loud, overpowering chaos, and over the course of time quiets."

Kurtis Brand Summer 2021

"Often, a coded and esoteric language appears in my work, a language that redefines a means of communication that shares feelings directly and unobscured that is received intuitively."


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The concept of bondage in Hinduism and Buddhism refers to the nature of human suffering due to our egoistic attachments to the physical world, our opinions, our passions and our desires that keep us from liberation and truly being free.
I’m a lay practitioner but do everything I can to treat my life as a monastic practice. In this respect, doing dishes is as important and essential to my life as making art. They are one in the same.
One theme I had been working with (and still am) is the idea of a unified connected nature of all living things. The concept of oneness. I decided to create paintings of a single line that touches itself continuously throughout the painting and is unbroken. One line that meanders about the canvas naturally and spontaneously. A line that follows an effortless course until I internally receive instructions to stop the piece and start another one.
Each banquito is handmade, likely from whatever scrapwood they had laying around. But each one is uniquely different depending on the owner. "I held my new acquisition in my hands with respect like I was holding an ancient priceless vase. I knew this object was really special." 
Ricardo Italy

The vision for our hotel was neutral and elevated. Kurtis Brand's work establishes a calmness within each piece which acts as a magnet to our guests. They are simply mesmerized.

Simone Southern Germany

Today we received your marvelous artwork, On the way up to Mania. Thank you very very much! :) It looks absolutely great in our 19th-century Jugendstil-apartment with high ceilings and large white walls. All the best to you and your beloved ones.