Metta Men

We have all strayed from the purpose at times. 

Let's lead with love. 

I created a men's group called Metta Men. The soul purpose is to reconnect and support each other through all stages.

Each class I will lead a simple 15-30 minute meditation depending on the desire and experience of the meditators. After the meditation there will be discussion. This will comprise the majority of the class.

Metta (loving kindness) will be slowly introduced in the group over time.



Westport Tuesdays, 6pm

Led by Kurtis Brand, this is a men’s group for meditators, geared towards beginners but all men are welcome at any level.

What you can expect:

  • Calmer state and better understanding of your place in the world.
  • A full practice and solidification.
  • Calmer presence with partner, children, and friends.
  • A new way of approaching day-to-day mundane activities.
  • Strength in stillness and calm focus will be discovered. 
  • A realization that there is another way to live beyond what we have been conditioned to believe.