Kurtis has been a dedicated Zen Buddhist student and practitioner for nearly 20 years. Mindfulness and meditation have been an integral and essential part of his life and art.

He believes that through these practices we can live a much happier and calmer life, especially in this time of deep stress and uncertainty in the world. As a result, Kurtis has decided to share what he has learned so others can receive the same benefits and joys of practice.

By specializing in teaching young children, parents, and families, he has committed himself to helping create generational change through mindfulness and meditation which he believes is at the core of mental and emotional health.

In his words, “The future of the human race lies in its practice of meditation and mindfulness. Without the guidance of these wisdom practices, we are at peril of being consumed by materialism, greed, anxiety and aggression. By normalizing the essential practices of mindfulness and meditation, introducing these practices to children at a young age, teaching them to parents, and uniting families in the practice, we can create generational change in the health of all people.”