Quiet Chaos

I live in a state of chaos. Actually we all do, it's how we deal with that chaos; mentally, emotionally, physically. The way I deal with this chaos is not positive though. I realized it was time to discipline my practice, get away from all the bad habits, and focus on reestablishing new ones. But I’m not going to read a book to try to find a way to do this. I’m just going to establish a practice that brings calm to the chaos so I can be present for my family, my work, and to bring light to all sentient beings. 

In relation to my art, this practice comes first. The art comes second. I cannot fully commit to making art unless I am fully committed to meditation, mindfulness, exercise and diet. I commit to the wisdom path and the way of the Bodhisattva. Once those positive habits, rituals and routines are established, my art will reflect that. It actually already does, I just need to deepen the practice to deepen the work. Art contains an energy that cannot be explained. To look at an Agnes Martin painting or a work by Jackson Pollock is to feel their potent energy. I want my art to carry this kind of power.

The ideas are set, they just need to come into fruition. I have full support from my loved ones, that is rare. Now I ask the universe to help guide me along this path and see it through for the benefit of all beings. And I will wait for the Bodhisattvas and Angels to appear when I need them most.

In relation to establishing these habits I mentioned, I have grown curious as to how much of our potential is being reached as human beings? I believe that occasionally there are glimpses of hope. And I believe there are many on this path and that evolution has a way of working things out. But it's obvious we aren't doing our best. The important thing to remember is that we all have to do our part to push things along to create a better living situation on this planet. And this involves a certain amount of seriousness and dedication that I believe we are lacking as a whole. We need to make our lives art. Everything we do should be an act of dedication, and act of gratitude, and act of mindful focus. Within discipline lies freedom. 

So I feel like I have allowed myself to be enslaved by myself because my practice is not yet serious enough and my bad habits sabotage my commitment to realize my true self. So I will discipline myself and become free.

Art is a living thing. It can come in any form as long as the dedication to do good and to serve humanity and the earth is present. For me, channeling inspiration is the initial creative act. We don’t really create. We receive and act upon the vision to create something to help enlighten individuals. A work of part, mindfully created food, a meditative performance; even the act of taking off one's shoes is a work of art. Let’s discuss that further.

It is no news that to live is to create. We are constantly creating new life, right down to our cellular structure. Our cells change themselves every 7-10 years. So we become entirely new creatures. To see it this way is to have faith in rebirth and to wake up to our true nature.

Quiet Chaos