These days Brand tries to use sustainable natural materials whenever possible but occasionally he feels there are artistic statements that need to be made and he will use industrial made off-the-shelf products and materials to create his art. In this case, he was using spray paint that he was able to acquire very inexpensively at a local tienda.

Growing up seeing talented graffiti artists make some amazing works of art before the art form became mainstream, Brand has since been fascinated with spray paint but never really found an artistic outlet for it until he recently acquired the spray paint and began to experiment with it. He found the medium easy to use and loved the premade colors and sense of immediacy and fluidity that it offered and found it an excellent medium for his abstracts. 

The artist felt compelled to do something new with spray paint so he decided to start his paintings on the backside of the unprimed canvas rather than the front. He found that he could control the flow of paint to allow it to occasionally seep through to the front of the canvas. After a time he would move to the front of the canvas and apply the paint. 

This technique served these paintings two-fold. One is that he was able to create two paintings in one. One on the backside and one on the front side and it was interesting for him to be able to see the relationships the two sides of the canvas had as well as the disparities. The technique also allowed him to create textures that were not able to be made if just painting on the front side of the canvas.

Brand has since discovered a way to make these paintings more eco-friendly using air guns and acrylic paint rather than canned aerosol paints.



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