“I found these balls of colorful shredded rags in a big hardware store in Guatemala City for $1 a piece and bought the whole cart of them. Though not knowing what I was going to do with it exactly, I did know that this was something I really wanted to work with”

Using the same idea of attaching textiles to frames, the artist decided to take the balls of rags and spread them out into a square about 24″ x 24″ and mount them to a surface. Pulling the rags apart and letting the composition reveal itself is a process that shows the artist’s desire to work spontaneously and mindfully. The result of the image is that of a dimensional abstract expressionist painting. Brand is intrigued by store-bought materials in that they often offer colors and color combinations that would not have been conceived with paint or other traditional artistic material. As well, the artist is fascinated by using these materials to spontaneously create compositions that would not normally be executed in a painting.

These pieces have free and dynamic compositions full of depth and movement. And as stated above, the colors are uniquely combined depending on how they were put together originally in the factory.