Walking Meditations

Kurtis Brand uses art as a form of Zen practice. In the golden age of Zen, art was sometimes used by the master as a means of teaching or to bring his students to enlightenment.

Here the artist uses the act of walking meditation, or in Zen practice called “kinhin”, as a form of land art and contemplative art. Each act is a mindful journey used as a meditation.

The form is usually a spiral starting outwards and gradually, over a period of time moving inwards until the ultimate center point is reached. The same process used in sitting meditation is used here. The mind starts in full blown thinking mode, noisy and cluttered, but then, with mindful focus, as the path moves inwards the mind becomes more clear until finally the center is reached and the mind has become quiet and still and open to realization.

Other forms of the practice are simple walking paths worn down over time, one path being traversed back and forth in mindful meditation. This is a common practice of Thai Forest Monks who have used the walking path as part of their meditation practice.