This new body of work titled “Samu” (work practice in Zen Buddhism) was created in the spirit of minimal art as well as the use of art in Zen Buddhism to help clarify a teaching or to help enable them to have an experiential breakthrough in their practice. Though the minimalist aesthetic is present, the work is also boldly original both stylistically and conceptually. Shapes are reflected against each other setting up a yin/yang experience; in this case a representation of our inner selves and the outer world that surrounds and ultimately the unification and separation of the two. The work, in its succinct clarity of intention, is as much intended to be felt (as any good art is) as it is to be seen. These are meditative wall pieces created with mindfulness and clarity, and relaxed focus. The artist wanted to create a body of work that allowed him to continue his seated meditation practice through his work.

With the cut pieces, the artist engages in a 30-60 minute meditation and then immediately starts the work. With each breath, one cut is made and all of these pieces are finished in one sitting.

Kurtis Brand is dedicated to preserving the environment through the thoughtful use of sustainably sourced materials. The Samu Collection seen here features canvas sourced from The New Denim Project in Guatemala City, Guatemala. The NDP upcycles discarded denim and other fabrics to create beautiful new textiles for artists, artisans, textile workers and craftspeople. Plans for the future involve sourcing the wood for the frames from sustainable and or certified forests and having the frames made locally.