QUEMADA, Volcanic Ash

On June 3 at 12:00, Guatemala was rocked by a devastating volcano eruption that affected directly or indirectly over 1.7 million people. Many died and even more were left homeless.

Antigua, where the artist’s family resided, is only a few kilometers away from the live volcano named Fuego. This area was blanketed with volcanic ash and the cleanup is still ongoing to this day.. It was by far the worst eruption in Guatemala since the 70’s.

Regarding materials; The ash that was collected for the work came directly from the volcano eruptions on June 3, 4 and 5, 2018. (more info on the eruptions here). Also, I get my canvas for the work from The New Denim Project, an incredible textile company that upcycles used denim to create threads and fabrics used to create all kinds of textiles such as art canvas, clothing, etc. They are good friends and I think you will find the company fascinating. Check out The New Denim Project here.”