From 2014 to 2020 Kurtis Brand lived with his family in Guatemala. This was a particularly fertile and prolific period for the artist and he was able to create a highly original and focused body of work.

Originally leaving NYC for a 3-month retreat in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, the family fell in love with the country and decided to stay for another year. They rented a beautiful and remote lakefront house that was built into a cliff. Kurtis decided to get back to work so the Brand’s remodeled an old stone caretaker house to be used as a studio. The studio was in a sparse forest on a cliff high above the lake home where they lived and offered inspirational views that looked out over the lake. Here Brand created some of his most original and mature work to date. They stayed here for another year before moving to Antigua when their second child was born.

Brand was represented by the Sol Del Rio Gallery in Guatemala City and also did shows in and around Antigua. The work seen here is inspired by the people of Guatemala and the beautiful country in which they live.

The artist plans to continue this work in the future by creating residencies and exchange programs that will showcase his work and the work of other artists and craftspeople residing in Guatemala.

Work Series:



2 sizes in editions of 500
60 x 60 inches
48″ x 48″ inches