These drawings are a continuation of the artist’s meditation practice.

The artist states: “There are two artists whose work has brought me the strongest moments of realization; Agnes Martin and Jackson Pollock. When I read that Pollock declared ” I am nature!” everything changed for me. This was about the same time I had started a sitting practice, and my direction in art began to clarify. It wouldn’t be until years later that I began to make this work, but it had been formulating and waiting all along. The other moment of realization through art came when viewing a large Agnes Martin painting in a museum in New York. Upon viewing for several minutes, I disappeared into the painting. It was anv indescribable experience and I could only bow in gratitude to the artist for having created such an extraordinary work of art and to give thanks to those who had given me the teachings.”

These drawings are conceptual in nature, but are carried out with the same single mindedness that is brought to all of Brand’s work. These are acts of meditation; subtle and repetitive physical works of endurance akin to a mantra to aid in the artist’s transcendence into higher states of conciousness. 

The intent behind these pieces is an energetic and universal offering to help bring wisdom and light to the world.