Curious Beings Paintings

While living in Beacon, NY, Brand was creating abstract paintings while experimenting with new materials , methods and ideas to create his paintings. Always restless in his search to make something new, he fell upon this series of paintings he called Curious Beings.

It was just after his first child had been born and the Brands were losing lots of sleep, as all new parents do, that he started to experience strange visions and delusions that he had not experienced before. At the same time, he was creating a body of work using T-shirts affixed to canvas that created narratives based on the stories presented from the people who gave him the shirts. These shirts, he felt, let themselves to a formulation of the visual representations of his strange hallucinations occurring from the lack of sleep and the intense work he was putting into making his art. 

This series is yet another example of Brand’s deep and continuing search to create new and original art based on his experiences both internally and externally.

“As all things are transitory, so is art. It is our nature to want to hold on to things, attach to things and to own them forever. But this is not the nature of the universe where everything is in constant flux.”